England’s Vote

So far we have been hearing about what the Scottish National Party wants out of the UK General election on May 7th.  The latest headline would suggest that the SNP would be prepared to block the UK defence budget if they do not get what they want from the Labour Party and their union led leader Ed Milliband.

Scotland also wants to have full control over their own finances but will interfere with votes not involving them if they feel that it has a negative impact on Scotland.

I say, enough is enough.  It is time that the rest of the Union be given the vote on how we want to run our affairs.

The vote should be a simple one and one given to each of the 4 countries making up the union:

Do we want Scotland to continue to be a member of the United Kingdom? Yes/No

Should we dissolve the United Kingdom completely and each country going its own way? Yes/No

Note: All existing international treaties/membership and obligations would be by default the perview of England.

Negotiations would have to be undertaken to ensure that existing debts and national infrastructure would be share.


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