UK General Election 2015

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are having a general election in May 2015.  This date was fixed by Act of Parliament by the coalition government.

The final outcome is so tight that the pundits are having difficulty in determining the likely outcomes.  In all probability we are facing another election where no party has an overall majority to govern.

As the Labour Party is looking more likely to lose the majority of their Scottish seats to the SNP, we are being given the prospect of Great Britain being run by the SNP as the “minor” party in the non-formal coalition.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that in the event of a hung parliament that she would work to ensure that the rest of the UK would benefit from SNP MPs.

Here is a note to Nicola Sturgeon – if England does no vote for the SNP – please do not presume that we share your vision of how we want the country governed.  You are hinting that Scotland wants to have another referendum about the elections in May.  The probable date for the referendum would be sometime after 2016.

This time, we, the rest of the Union also want a vote as to whether we want Scotland to stay as part of the union.

If the decision is such that the union is dissolved – we who live in England want a number of things to be stipulated in the legislation  enabling the separation:

  • Initial calculations for allocating of the national debt would be on the basis of British Nationals living in each country.
  • All British Nationals would have to indicate before separation as to the nationality they wish to adopt – Scottish or British – Dual Nationality with Scotland will NOT be allowed.
  • As the largest part of the United Kingdom and the fact that all international treaties and memberships were signed by the parliament in Westminster, the remainder of the Union will continue to maintain these membership.
  • The Pound Sterling is the currency of England which was shared with Scotland as a result of the Act of Union.
  • The Bank of England will offer no further support to the Scottish banks following the independence day for Scotland.
  • All Scottish Nationals would have no automatic right
    • Employment is the remainder of the Union
    • Residence in the remainder of the Union
    • Access to Diplomatic representation from the rest of the Union
    • All Scottish Businesses will be treated as foreign companies and subject to full extent of English law.
  • All Border and custom controls will be initiated
  • Scottish nationals will need to obtain visas to travel to England
  • The Nuclear submarine fleet will for the remainder of their service life be based in Faslane. All subsequent naval facilities will be based in England.
  • All future naval building for the Royal Navy will NOT be carried out in Scotland ever again.
  • All Scottish Prisoner in England will be sent to Scotland to serve their sentences
  • There will NO form of currency Union with Scotland EVER again
  • The Responsibility for the defence of Scotland and its territorial waters including search and rescue will be the SOLE responsibility of SCOTLAND

My preference would be for Scotland to remain as part of the Union, but this only works if all parts generally pull in the same direction.  However, the vision that is being offered by the SNP, bears no resemblance to any form of reality which anyone with a degree of common sense would see as financially sustainable.

The constant harassment, denigration, bullying, name calling and belittling of anyone who does not share the SNP vision of how Scotland should be governed has only managed to drive a wedge between Scotland and the rest of the Union.  As someone who is a British National, who has English Ancestry, I used to believe that the Union was stronger than its individual parts, but if Scotland is so convinced that they can be a better country, financially secure and living the SNP socialist vision of an independent country than by all means do so.  Scotland does not have the right to tell the English should be governed or the vision that we wish to follow.

I want a country that is

  • established on a sound financial basis not one being offered a vision that would make the Greek situation look like a walk in the park.
  • A country where everyone is given the best possible opportunity to succeed
  • Where the Nanny state is reduced to the minimum (politicians don’t know best)

In summary – if you want to go independent, then do so now and completely without any expectation of any form of support from the rest of the Union. We. are fed up with you. England is fed up with treated as Scotland’s whipping boy.  We are not responsible for the ills that affect Scotland


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