Recently the debate has been in the Westminster parliament about the devolution to the various proposals for increasing the powers which are to be managed by the respective regions.

As is almost always the case with a transfer of power there is the inevitable bickering and posturing by politicians as the powers which are transferred or what does it mean.

No matter what is offered, how it is worded – there will always be a problem from the perspective of the politicians being offered.  Today, we have the Scottish Nationalists MPs demanding that Scotland should have the right to call a referendum whenever the parliament in Edinburgh feels that they can win the argument.  This should not be allowed as any vote has a disruptive effect on the rest of the United Kingdom.

Should at any date in the future, Scotland is allowed to hold another referendum, each of the other nations should be given their own referendum.  The questions should be:

  • Should Scotland be allowed to remain part of the United Kingdom? Y/N
  • Do you want to remain part of the United Kingdom? Y/N
  • Should the Union be dissolved? Y/N

We have been successful as the United Kingdom, being able to draw on the strengths of the parts.  As the old saying goes, greater than the sum of its parts.  However, the continual demands for independence from Scotland is proving a distraction from the ability to run the country and the time has come for the issue to be put to bed once and for all.

This following on from the Scottish and Welsh nationalist MPs complaining the England is being given a right of “Veto” over legislation that relates purely to England.  So we have a wonderful example of do as I say not as I do.  The time has come for the English to stand up and be counted.


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