Whilst much is being made by some political elites of the wrongs, injustices and other failings that are being meted on a section of society by the other political elites.  They always paint a picture that under their “inspired” leadership things will be considerably rosier.

No politician ever wants to tell you all the truth about what would be required in order to achieve their vision of utopia, after all if they truly costed their vision properly and the practical impacts that would result from the disentanglement of countries, they would struggle to sell their vision.

At its simplest level, every single institution that current exist within your country would have to be reproduced once you choose to go “Independent”.  What are the implications?

Let’s start at the beginning

First of all – the country has decided to go independent, but what does that really mean?

  • New Constitution
  • Political Representation
  • Political Parties
  • Public Services / New Ministries / New Agencies
  • International treaties
  • Cross Border Agencies
  • Setting Up A New Country
  • National Administration
  • Judicial Infrastructure
  • Procurement
  • Immigration
  • Shared Contracts
  • Negotiation for Separation
  • Shared National Services

These are only the starting points for discussion.  Anyone wanting to add new topics or even an article please let me know.


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