Devolution and the United Kingdom

Having had the result from referendum on 18th September, we know that Scotland has decided for know that it wants to remain as part of the United Kingdom for now.

Part of the commitments made was that greater powers would be devolved to Scotland. The government have said whatever powers are devolved should also be assigned to each nation within the union.  In addition a resolution of the “West Lothian Question” would be put in place. In essence Members of the Parliament (MPs) Westminster, would be allowed to vote on Legislation which applies to their particular part of the Union.  Would you believe that this has not always been the case? – politicians!

This would see to be fair redistribution of authority and powers and for all parts of the union to be treated fairly.

Labour Party

Whilst the Labour seems to be content to that Scotland has not abandoned the Union, after all 40 of the 59 Scottish MPs are Labour, they are not prepared to offer the same amount of devolution as the rest of the UK.

Yet again the English are supposed to be roll over and be compliant saps for the Labour Party.  Why are the English not entitled to the same rights as the Scots/Welsh/Northern Irish?

Is this another case of Labour Party trying to ensure that the English are able to govern themselves.  Setting regional devolution is a not started as it would mean that we are unable to govern effectively and make England the way the English want it.  Or is it another case of the Labour Party wanting to retain power at all costs.  There is nothing wrong with MPs for a specific region being the only ones allowed to vote on Legislation that only affects them.  If Scotland wants to lower the rate of Income tax, that should be the rights of the MSPs, but it should be done on the understanding that no additional funds will be transferred from other parts of the UK to subsidise their operating model.

In essence we should turn the UK into a federated Kingdom, with some aspects reserved to the Central Government in Westminster, such as Defence, Foreign Policy and departments which have a national remit, such as Passports, driving licences etc..  Most other things should be delegated to the “National Assemblies”.  The difficulty will arise as to the redistribution of funds by the central government to the regions.

This is not a simple debate, but there needs to be a realignment of the political structure of the UK to take into account the aspirations of all the nations.  Otherwise we risk a demand for a new referendum and this time from the English.



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