Questions asked regarding Scottish Independence.

An interesting page on the BBC has highlighted a small number of questions regarding Scottish Independence.

Pet Passports

As Scotland and Scottish residents would be a separate legal entity and travellers to the rest of the UK from Scotland would be expected to comply with OUR rules and regulations.

As a visitor to Scotland I would expect to have to comply to Scottish laws. Why should Scottish nationals / residents expect preferential treatment once they leave the UK.

The Open (Golf)

Honestly as a non-golfer, this is a question which is supreme indifference to me, but if Scotland were to “retain” the open post independence – what would be the point of


Royal Mail and other “public enterprises – privately owned”

The current Scottish government have said that post independence Scotland would “nationalise” the Royal Mail and possibly other “public” services. The precise details have to be costed or organised. But the basic fact that Scotland or indeed the Scottish government has not acknowledged is that the service offered by the “Scottish Royal Mail” would be more expensive to operate assuming that they offer a universal service to all localities.

The cost of postage in Scotland would have to reflect

  1. the reduced volume of business for Scottish Royal Mail
  2. Different currency and associated business costs
  3. Need to negotiate with other countries for access to the International Postal Union and cost of international mail
  4. Post to the rest of the UK would now constitute “international mail”
  5. Increased costs for business in Scotland and those sending to Scotland from the UK
  6. Would Scotland be allowed to carry on using the Postal code system devised by the Royal Mail, which presumably is Crown Copyright.

Would the Scottish government have the funds to invest in Royal Mail Scotland to ensure that they are able to compete on an international stage or would it impose a monopoly with the associated business challenges


Following the European Elections on May 22nd 2014, Scotland will elect 6 MEPs. The question was asked what would happen to these individuals once Scotland goes independent.

The answer from the Scottish Government is that the MEPs would serve their full term until 2019. This is based upon a fundamentally flawed set of assumptions:

  • Scotland will be a member of the EU from the date of its independence.
  • Assuming Negotiations are successful would Scotland be happy to have a similar representation that of Cyprus which has a smaller population – I think not.

If Scotland were unsuccessful in joining the EU immediately upon its independence – all Scottish MEPs would by logical deduction would lose their seats as Scotland would not be an EU member state and therefore would not be entitled to representation in the European Parliament.

Another glaring example of the rosy world of the pro-independence movement.


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