Rest of UK expectations

There has been little discussion or indeed establishment of the expectations from those of us who remain in the United Kingdom.

Should Scotland vote for independence on 18th September 2014, then the expectations of the rest of the UK nationals should be taken in to account when it comes to the negotiations with Scotland.

  1. Westminster Parliament should pass a statute which removes the rights of any Scottish Member of Parliament (MP) to vote on legislation which does not affect Scotland (after all you are leaving so why should they be allowed to vote on our legislation).
  2. No Scottish MP will have a right to influence / participate in the negotiation for the transition to an independent Scotland.
  3. No Scottish MPs should be allowed to sit in cabinet apart as the Scottish Secretary.
  4. Scottish MPs should not be in a position to adversely affect the working of Westminster
  5. Review of Scottish MP participation of Parliamentary committees should be reviewed to ensure that their continuing participation is appropriate and necessary.
  6. Payment for the Scottish MPs when they leave Westminster should be refused – if payment is to be made then it is the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish People.


Whilst a number of assets should be transferred to Scotland, the precise details need to be negotiated between Westminster and Holyrood. However, a number of things should be made crystal clear.

  • All future ship building work for the Royal Navy will NOT be tendered to Scotland. It is in the interest of England and the rest of the UK to ensure that we have the capability of building and maintaining our own fleet.
  • Responsibility for the workers in the Scottish shipbuilding yards will be the sole responsibility of the Scottish parliament. Westminster will take no responsibility for the continuing employment or indeed any payment regarding the redundancy resulting from the loss of contracts.
  • Any assets which will be delivered post independence would be excluded from the negotiations.
  • Arrangements would have to be made for a transition period which would facilitate the continuing use of national services by both countries. However, the expectation will be that ALL functions undertaken by employees in Scotland on behalf of the Westminster Government would be moved to other parts of the UK at the earliest possible opportunity.


Whilst Scotland has chosen to go down the path of independence, then the necessity will be for all those who wish to be Scottish to take Scottish Nationality will have to renounced British nationality as dual nationality will not be allowed. This is to ensure that Scotland is given the greatest possible opportunity to succeed and that those voting for independence don’t hedge their bets by hanging on to British Nationality. It will also simplify the allocation of resources and ensure that the pension funds and other resources are allocated on a fair basis. It will also ensure that everyone understands the responsibilities and implications of choosing the relevant nationality.

One of the things that will be impacted will be the employment rights of everyone on both sides of the border. The SNP is firmly of the opinion that the arrangements which were put in place following Irish independence will be similarly applicable for the Scots. This is a different world and the flexibility that was offered in 1920s may not be applicable in the 21st. Also given the probable situation that Scotland will be outside of the EU for a period of time, we to consider that employment regulations have to take into account EU legislation and requirements.

Whilst a great many institutions in England could and should be more efficient, the one thing which Scotland will have to deliver upon is its own procurement infrastructure and contracting.

This will inevitably affect the following but not exhaustive areas:

  • NHS
  • Defence Hardware
  • General government procurement

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