Initial thoughts on an Independent Scotland

Whilst the press in the United Kingdom have covered aspects of the debate about Scotland choosing to leave the United Kingdom, I have gained the impression that a great many aspects of the changes that will be necessitated as a result of the change are not being discussed or addressed.  Also the entire debate has centered around the views of those in Scotland and absolutely no consideration has been taken into account with regards to the views and thoughts of the rest of the United Kingdom.

My intention with this blog is to raise / highlight / open up topics for discussion relating to the effect of Scotland going independent.  Hopefully we can open up the debate to a wider audience and get the perspective of all the United Kingdom residents and not just those espoused by the politicians of whatever flavour/creed.

I DO NOT profess to be an expert, just a resident of the United Kingdom who will certainly indirectly and possibly directly be impacted by the creation of an Independent Scotland. Whilst I hope that the discussions on the blog can be polite and informative I am nevertheless expecting a number of comments which will no doubt be virulent, rude and possibly offensive – you are entitled to your opinion, but honestly you are not adding to the discussions. If you don’t like the discussions, then feel free not to read this blog.


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